As of 3-23-2001 this is the list of shoes that seem to work best with orthoses. The shoe choices below are separated by category; running shoes, hiking/trail shoes, walking shoes etc. In each category is a list of recommended shoes by brand. To view a shoe in one of the categories, click on the logo of the brand name and this will take you to the web site for that company. 

Shoe styles change quickly, so some of these choices may no longer be available by the time you reach the store. When shopping for shoes, the standard features to look for are: 1. good fit/comfort, 2. firm heel counter, 3. shock absorption, durability, removable insole

*you usually do not need to get a larger shoe to fit your orthoses!

Many athletic/running shoes are described as specific for pronators, supinators etc. If you are buying shoes for your orthoses, a neutral shoe is usually fine. Consult your orthotist if you are looking at an "over pronator" or "over supinator" type shoe. Please note that the prices are estimated based on a survey of prices from mail order companies and local stores. 

Footco does not currently sell shoes. 


Asics Gel DS Trainer VII ($90-95)

Asics Gel-Lyte DS ($75-80)

 Asics Gel-Cumulus ($70-75)

Asics Gel- Stratus ($55-60)

Asics GT-2050 ($75-80)

Asics GT-1050 ($65-70)

Asics Gel Foundation II ($70-75)

Asics Gel MC Plus ($90-95)

Brooks Addiction IV ($70-75)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS II ($75-80)

Brooks Radius 257 ($70-75)

Brooks Mach 1.0 ($65-70)

Brooks Vapor ($60-65)

Brooks Fuse ($60-65)

Saucony Grid Omni ($75-80)

Saucony Grid Jazz '00 ($60-65)

New Balance 1000 ($100-105)

New Balance 829 ($75-80)

New Balance 853 ($80-85)

New Balance 878 ($75-80)

New Balance 587 ($95-100)

Asics Gel Trabuco III ($75-75)


Winter Moc ($65-100) 

New Balance 803 ($75-80)

New Balance 703 ($60-65)

New Balance 972 ($95-100)


Salomon Raidwind ($65-70)

Asics Gel Aria ($60-65)

Avia 3103 ($55-60)

New Balance 654 ($60-65)

New Balance 841 ($90-95)

Rockport World Tour Series ($90-110)

Rockport DMX Tegus Motivation ($125)

Rockport Grand Cru Collection ($175-200)

Euro-Sole designs:

Euro-Sole "Avalon" ($60-70)

Euro-Sole "Careen" ($65-70)

Euro-Sole "Ronni" ($75-80)

 *due to the large number of available styles and brands, these picks are based on those that Tim has personally tried via rentals and purchased boots. The criterion have been fit, comfort, control and ability to use orthoses in the boots. 

If you have favorites, please write with your picks and explain why. We will then post them if there is a consensus. Your input is greatly appreciated. 

Cross country favorites at the time of this entry are still Salomon styles. Salomon has been very consistent in keeping current with their designs and materials choices.

downhill favorites at the time of this entry are:

Raichle; for fit, comfort and control

Technica; for fit comfort and price

*to see what these shoes look like, you may click on the brand name to go to the manufacturer's site or to browse athletic shoes go to Roadrunner or Running  by clicking on one of the buttons below.

*Footco Orthopedic is not affiliated with any of these companies.