Copyright Tim Porcelli 2000

The long awaited interactive CD ROM presentation of "Cast the Foot" is now available through mail order. This is a revised/enhanced version of the "Cast the Foot" video. This expanded presentation features vivid color screens with "point and click" button navigation. 

Enhancements include clear graphic illustrations, photos and real time video scenes. 

Note that this high performance product requires a computer with Windows 95 or better, a Pentium MMX chip or equivalent, minimum 64MB RAM, a CD disk drive at 16x or better and a sound card.  The real time video scenes work best with a video card that has at least 4MB RAM on board. 

*If you are not sure about your machine and have questions regarding compatibility, please send us your questions via e-mail.


Description SKU # Price
Cast the Foot CD ROM FCO-903A    $150.00
S&H US mail insured SHM-01 $8.50
S&H UPS ground SHM-02 $8.50

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