Typical clinic visits for evaluation only average $150 for standard diagnostics. This may include video analysis of gait.

A full work-up for custom foot orthoses averages $400. We provide the most comprehensive work-up in the field. Turnaround time from evaluation to fitting is one to two weeks.

This includes:

Casting visit; preferred technique is prone subtalar neutral  

Custom fabrication on site; lab work is NOT sent out

Fitting visit with review of assessment and exercise recommendations



Custom dynamic AFOs vary in price due to the variables of design and patient pathology.


Payment (check, cash or PayPal)



Patients are required to pay in full at the time of the first visit. Insurance forms are provided and we help to chase down claims with up to three follow up letters to the carrier.

Full Custom Orthoses work-up

For full custom orthoses work, patients are required to pay in full at the time of casting visit. Insurance forms are provided at the fitting visit and up to three follow-up letters to the insurance carrier are submitted.